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    For the Best Quality Silk Flowers, There is Only One Go-To Place − Floralistic

    You might not consider a silk flower when you have access to fresh flowers with a scent that can fill the air. However, we all know that they do not last for long. They also need constant refreshing in clean water and their stems clipped shorter. Faux flowers make an excellent substitute for fresh, for the busy person who wants their home to look attractive. Floral essences may be sprayed onto or near artificial flowers, imparting an authentic aroma.

    How to Style Your Silk Flower Arrangements

    Flower arrangements can brighten up your office or holiday home. However, fresh flowers can be pricey. An alternative is faux flower arrangements. High-quality faux flowers can appear incredibility realistic, require low maintenance, last for a long time, and can look simply stunning. Here are some tips to ensure that you choose the best flowers.

    • First, when you select your vase, opt for an opaque vase to obscure the stems of your flowers. The result is a more realistic look. Faux flowers in a glass vase showing clear resin will create a realistic look. You can also use resin to ensure the flower arrangement sits well and doesn’t shift or move out of place. Also, ensure that there is a balance between the size of the bouquet and the vase.
    • Second, select the right colour and texture for a live feel. Dark, muted green leaves and stems work best in a muted colour with a variety of leaf shapes and sizes. Smaller flowers, in general, will appear more realistic than large flowers. It is also best to go for colours that match natural hues. However, a quality faux flower will incorporate a variety of colours, creating a more genuine appearance. Ultimately, the flowers should match your space while harmonising and complementing the overall look.
    • Third, the artistry of the arrangement itself is key. Use flowers that are in season and use odd numbers when creating a bouquet. You can use these arrangements to decorate your home and they are also a hit at weddings.

    3 Popular Trends about Silk Wedding Flowers You Should Know

    A growing trend is using artificial flowers in wedding bouquets, such as silk floral bouquets. This means that the bride can keep her posies, buttonholes, or bouquet forever.

    • Pastel and nude colours, such as blush, pale pink, and taupe flowers, are dominating wedding flower choices. The current trend is whimsical, and in some cases, rustic shades are more popular.
    • Another trend is using faux flowers to make a background impact with archways or using hoops on walls drenched in artificial flowers. Even hanging teepees or garlands can create a dramatic effect. The latter is especially lovely when brides want to adhere to the ‘design follows need’ philosophy. Brides can have gorgeous flowers in perfect design and form, but these must be adequate, rather than a riotous profusion of blossoms.
    • You can also use artificial flowers to follow the latest trends, such as the Bohemian Romantic ultra-realistic appearance, which is botanically accurate. The texture of the leaves and petals offer an authentic feel, with colours that are true to life.

    About Us

    Floralistic operates from Blair Athol, NSW, and you can conveniently place orders online. We create remarkable faux flowers, whether selected for a flower crown, bouquet, or corporate installation. Our quality is unsurpassed, and we guarantee to bring your vision to fruition with our quality products.

    We have developed silk florals to mimic high-quality flowers and are almost impossible to distinguish from the fresh bloom. Such quality artificial flowers can enhance any space, whether at work or in the home. Our products are cost-effective, and there are ways of improving their appearance to make them look even more realistic. Floralistic flowers are also suitable for wedding arrangements − such mementos last almost indefinitely, which any bride will appreciate. Contact us and let us assist you.