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    Gorgeous Real-Touch Artificial Flower Bouquets That Last

    Our long-lasting artificial flower bouquets are as close as you can get to the genuine article because they are remarkably realistic. In our Floralistic showroom you can view all available merchandise.

    The Benefits of Purchasing a Faux Flower Bouquet

    Our faux flowers last a long time and do not in any way resemble those dusty, shoddy fake blooms your granny shunned in days gone by.
    • Our convincing artificial flowers look and feel so genuine that your guests will never know the difference. We provide only the best quality available to our discerning customers. Skilful, professional hands create every bud, berry, dahlia, orchid, protea, and rose. We have a vast range of artificial flowers available.
    • You can appreciate your lovely faux arrangement for two- to three years, without having to bother about upkeep and frequent replacement. First-rate imitation flowers and plants are enduring; quick and easy to cleanse; do not wilt or require specific temperature and seasonal circumstances to survive; can be placed anywhere, and do not change their shape.
    • Our replicas look real, provide colour, are visually pleasing, and will give you the feeling that you are close to nature. They are free of allergens and more reasonably priced than fresh blooms and plants that require a lot of care. These will look fresh and cheerful all year long and can be recycled and used for other creative projects.

    Silk flowers make a lovely gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, for birthdays, as a thank you or simply because you want to let someone know that they are special.

    Can We Customise Your Order for a Faux Flower Bouquet?

    We sure can! We provide custom designs on request because we truly enjoy creating and putting together what you envision.
    • We make flower crowns, posies and arrangements for weddings, corporate functions, bachelorette parties, baby showers, and every celebration you can think of, to order.
    • Do you simply want to spruce up your home or office environment? Faux flowers are back in style. Modern artificial plants and flowers are made of first-rate raw materials, by manufacturers that can invent and produce artefacts that are indistinguishable from what nature provides.
    • We present classes for groups, pairs or even individually. We offer classes for all age groups, so bring your family and friends along to learn something about this creative pastime. Your kids will enjoy a different learning experience while on holiday where they can develop their imagination. The workshops take place in our showroom in Smeaton Grange, we also individual sessions if needed.

    It is essential to book your place at our floral workshops. Secure your seat by choosing the class you would like to attend and provide your details, also informing us of any food allergies you may have.