The Psychology of Flowers

The Psychology of Flowers

Flowers have always been associated with beauty, comfort and other positive feelings. If you’re a lady and have experienced receiving a bouquet of flowers before, you’ve surely experienced the joy when you saw them and realized that they were for you.

 If you are a gentleman, you may have also witnessed the look of joy in your special lady’s face when they received flowers from you. In turn, you also experienced happiness upon seeing them appreciate your gift.

All in all, it’s agreeable that we enjoy giving and receiving flowers. Additionally, this also seems to be applicable to various countries and cultures across the world for different occasions. The art of giving flowers have also been a tradition even in the ancient times.

 Other than receiving flowers, the same joy can also be experienced when one has a garden filled with beautiful flowers. Once you see them bloom after days and weeks of taking care of them, there’s a feeling of accomplishment and relief.

Even with intricate artificial flower arrangements in your property, you can also experience the same kind of positivity and good vibes. By seeing their colours, arrangement and contribution to your space’s overall beauty and aesthetic, your home or your office becomes more welcoming and comfortable to be in.

With all of these, do you ever wonder why flowers have the power to make us happy? Why do their colours and unique forms and shape bring positivity and good vibes to us?

We’ve prepared this blog post to answer your questions and give you insight about the psychology of flowers. 

  1. Flowers Induce “Happy” Brain Chemicals

What are these happy brain chemicals? These are the dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin and receiving flowers stimulate the release of these chemicals. Dopamine is usually stimulated when one expects a reward. Thus, dopamine is released when one expects and sees the blooming of flowers. Next is oxytocin which stimulates the feelings of trust, attachment and solidarity. Lastly, serotonin lets you feel your social importance from the giver.

  1. Flowers Show That Someone Cares For You

There are a lot of reasons why someone would give flowers. It could be their birthday, it could be a couple’s anniversary, it could be Valentine’s Day, the loved one may have been promoted or got the job they were applying for or it could be just an ordinary day. All in all, receiving flowers shows that someone cares for you and that you are on their mind. Furthermore, you should also remember that bouquets, centerpieces and other arrangements aren’t just randomly designed and created. They are mostly personalised according to the taste and preference of the receiver. The fact that someone goes through all of that effort shows that they truly value you in their lives. 

  1. Colours Have Positive Effects for the Brain

Different colours have different meanings and symbols especially in giftgiving. Hence, giving the wrong colour for the occasion can send out a different meaning. For example, flowers in deep red indicate that you have romantic feelings and intentions for someone. On the other hand, lighter colours are best for friends. If you also want to let someone de-stress, giving them blue-coloured arrangements can give them peace and help them to relax.

  1. Flowers Say What Words Cannot Express

We’re pretty sure that you’ve seen all those romantic movies where a guy gives a girl flowers to tell them that they love them. If it isn’t that, they deliver or give flowers to tell them that they’re sorry. That’s because giving flowers are one of the best ways that you can tell someone how you feel about them. Other than significant others, flowers also let you express how much you love your parents, grandparents, relatives and friends. If you can’t say how you feel because you feel scared or are too far to tell them personally what you want to say, delivering flowers, even artificial ones, is the best solution.

  1. Flowers Spark Creativity and Inspiration

Surely you’ve felt a new wave of energy and motivation for the day when you received flowers or after placing an arrangement in your office table. That’s because flowers can be a reminder to us of life and beauty’s never-ending beauty and their bloom a promise of tomorrow’s better day to come. Even science has proven this! A study conducted by researchers from Texas A&M University has even proven that women get more innovation and creativity when coming up with solutions for problems when they have flowers near them. Amazing isn’t it?

The next time you receive flowers, real or not, or give one to someone special, you’re now aware of the science behind happiness from flowers!


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