Getting to Know The 7 Most Popular Floral Arrangements

Getting to Know The 7 Most Popular Floral Arrangements

We’re no stranger to flower arrangements. You’ve probably grown up seeing them in your home, right in the middle of your coffee table. Or in your grandmother’s dining table when you came over for the summer.

Even in the present day, you’ve surely seen them a lot wherever you go. In your own home, at your favourite restaurant, at a hotel lobby, at a church service, at a wedding, you name it. You may have even received a flower arrangement on your birthday, after an accomplishment or after a date.

Through these various times, we’re also sure that you’ve noticed there is more than one way to arrange flowers, even the artificial ones! That’s why we’ve come up with this blog to help you become more acquainted with the different types.

Who Started Floral Arrangements?

Before we jump to the list of different floral arrangements, let’s take a short stroll on the history of it. It was actually the Chinese who started cutting flowers and putting them in a container with flowers. Other cultures were then arranging flowers as wreaths and garlands. Japan eventually joined in on China’s trend. However, they were so enthusiastic that they created design principles and philosophies for floral arrangement. Such dedication for floral arrangement as an art eventually made its way into other parts of the world and have stayed even years after its beginning.

Different Floral Arrangements

The Fan-Shape Arrangement

One of the most prominent designs all over the world, fan-shaped arrangements look like exactly what they are named after. In this floral arrangement, the elements are arranged to look like a fan. Often, the main flower, which is often of a large size, is placed in the centre. Leaves and fillers such as smaller flowers and stems fill the empty spaces and act as the blades of the fan. Fan-shaped floral arrangements are perfect for centerpieces, if they are of a smaller size. Due to its structure, it can also be placed on lower areas such as a stage floor.

The Triangle Arrangement

This floral arrangement, which is mostly seen in weddings and receptions, also looks like how it’s named. Flowers and leaves in this arrangement are cut at the sides to achieve the triangular form. Tall stems are also placed at the center and are then surrounded by flowers of descending height to further achieve the triangular form. A flower of a larger size and a different color can also be placed in the centre, making it the main highlight.

The Horizontal Arrangement

This is another common type of arrangement that can be used for various celebrations such as a wedding or a coming of age party. In this arrangement, a flower of a larger size is placed om the centre. On either side are equal amounts of flower branches, completing the horizontal look. Flowers are then arranged either in a row or are zig-zagged.

The Vertical Arrangement

This arrangement is perhaps one of the most used when it comes to bouquets. In this arrangement, flower stems and fillers are arranged according to their height. Shorter fillers can also be placed in between the spaces to further create a balance in the arrangement. Other than bouquets, vertical floral arrangements can also be placed on baskets.

The Crescent Arrangement

One of the most unique-looking arrangements, this arrangement takes inspiration from the crescent moon. The ends of this arrangement are usually achieved through flexible flower stems and fillers. In the centre can be a group of flowers of a large size. Shaping the ends of a crescent arrangement can also be achieved better with artificial flower stems and fillers which usually have very soft wires. This arrangement is also best used as a centrepiece on coffee and dinner tables. Since they are placed mostly indoors and make for great decoration, artificial flowers and leaves work better for this arrangement.

The Oval Arrangement

Another common arrangement inside the home, flowers of this arrangement are arranged by placing the tallest, largest or brightest flowers in the center. The elements are usually arranged in an oval-shaped container. This is also another arrangement that would best fit artificial flowers as oval arrangements are best for table centrepieces.  

The S-Shaped Arrangement

This arrangement is perhaps the most unique and artistically shaped of all the arrangements. Shaped like an S, this arrangement is often large in size and is best for grand occasions such as weddings and formal birthday parties. Main floral pieces take the center of the arrangement and the curves of the “S” are completed by smaller flowers, fillers and leaves. This is also another case which would better suit artificial flowers as the wires of stems can be easily twisted to achieve the curves. Other than that, making the piece out of artificial flowers would also preserve its beauty as opposed to the arrangement eventually being thrown away weeks after the celebration.


Now that you’ve had a better idea at the different types of arrangements, it’ll be much easier for you to pick out the right arrangement for the right occasion.

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