7 Tips On Choosing Flowers For Your Wedding Day

7 Tips On Choosing Flowers For Your Wedding Day

Your big day is finally happening and you can’t help but feel excited at the prospect of preparing for it.


There’ll no doubt be a long list of all the details you’ll be needing such as the date, the venue, the guests, the outfits, the catering, the theme, the decorations and much more. The brides-to-be will also be more excited at the idea of choosing gowns, dresses for the entourage, planning the theme and choosing the flowers for the bouquet and the decoration at the church and the reception.  


Some may consider the latter to be a minor detail in weddings. However, the amount of attention and detail you give to choosing your flowers can impact your overall aesthetic positively or negatively.


Choosing the right flowers can also be confusing as there’s so much colours and types. If your wedding is coming up and you need ideas, we’ve got you covered with a list we’ve prepared to help you with the preparation and the selection:


#1 Know Your Budget

Before anything else, it’s absolutely essential for you to set a budget on how much you’ll want to spend for all the flowers that are going to make an appearance on your wedding day. This will help you identify your options and keep you from overspending. Additionally, you also have to be prepared that while you have a budget limit, the flowers are going to cost you at least 10% of the wedding cost. Financial preparation is no doubt a need for engaged couples.


#2 Finalise Your Colour Scheme

The colours you’ll decide on for your wedding should match your flowers. They don’t necessarily have to be the same or similar. However, it’s best that they can also complement each other. You can try gathering the colours you’ve selected and creating and printing a colour palette or a swatch of the colours to make sure the colours of your flowers, your dress and other elements don’t clash with each other. You could also bring along with you strips or samples of the cloths of the tablecloths and the dresses when you’re choosing the flowers so you can personally see how they go together.


#3 Use Your Venue for Influence

When you haven’t thought of a theme, the colours and the flower types, you can always seek inspiration from your venues. Will it be inside a church? Will it be an outdoor wedding, perhaps? What vibes does the reception venue give off? An outdoor wedding in a park or a garden won’t necessarily need much floral decor as the place may already have surrounding flowers and you’ll only need to choose flowers for your bouquets, boutonniere, centrepieces and cake. A wedding inside the church may need flowers lining up the nave and the aisles to make the venue match with the occasion.


#4 Consider Their Placement

Wedding flowers do not only consist of your bouquet, centrepieces and boutonnieres. There could also be an arch of flowers framing where you and your beloved will stand on the altar. Additionally, flowers could also be decorated on the chairs, the church pews and the tables. You may even be thinking of having a photo booth with a wall of flowers. Considering these can help you think of not only the flowers’ colours but type and size as well.


#5 The Right Size

Choosing the size of your flowers, especially for the bouquet, is crucial as its size can overpower the bride’s overall appearance or vice versa. Ball gowns will need flowers that can still stand out among your dress’ ruffles. The bride’s height should also match the flowers. Otherwise, it’ll overwhelm her appearance or not be noticeable at all.


#6 Explore More Species 

It isn’t exactly a surprise that roses are the first type of flowers that people associate with weddings. However, you don’t always have to stick to the basics. You can always look through bridal magazines or visit your local greenhouse to find other types of flowers.


#7 Go Artificial

Who says fake flowers don’t look good? If you don’t want to throw all those flowers away after your wedding and let them go to waste, you can always opt for artificial ones. Artificial ones are also safer as they can assure you that no one’s going to be sneezing throughout the ceremony because they’re pollen-free. With artificial flowers, there’s also no need to wait for the season when the flowers you want will grow. You can find artificial wedding flowers that are realistic and high-quality from our showroom and we’ll also happily assist you in creating custom designs!

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